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Here's what some students say about our tools and resources:


"I never had a clue where to start when it came to revision, this system may have just saved my skin!"

(A Level Student)

"The logical, simple steps make the ultimate revision system really easy to follow. The last thing I needed was to complicate what was already a messy schedule."

(Year 11 Student)

"I'm repeating my GCSEs, not because I didn't care the first time but because I just couldn't find a way to get myself organised. With the help of this system, I won't fail a second time!"

(GCSE Student)

I'm a Year 8 Student and my aunt introduced me to the connection cards. The teacher gives us a revision list and I put all me notes on the cards. All my friends use them too. They've become a study habit now."

(Year 8 Student)

"I am a procrastinator and always thought last minute revision would get me through the exams. After seeing the big picture planner and the allocation chart I realised that if I really want to succeed in exams then I need to get started early. No excuses!"

(Leaving Cert Student)

"At last, a revision system backed by some research. It certainly beats - just draw mindmaps!"

(Undergraduate Student)