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Who We Are

In 2018 the 'Ultimate Study System' is being rolled out to 3,000 GCSE students from 10 schools in Belfast.  

Welcome to the Amazing Brains online store where we are delighted to offer a unique range of resources for students involved in ongoing study or preparing for exams.

We design and develop practical, relevant, research-based tools to help students (of all ages) plan, prepare and perform in exams. We are the proud creators of the Ultimate Revision System and Connection Cards. 

The Ultimate Revision System™ is a complete and comprehensive framework to aid exam preparation. The system's unique interdependent components and materials make it the ideal tool for students seeking a logical, easy to follow, evidence-based solution to preparing for exams. 

All of our resources have been developed by our team. We are a group of education professionals that are passionate about helping students to achieve success. We have extensive experience in the education sector, at post primary and third level, and we know what works when it comes to exam preparation. 

Over the past 10 years we have delivered workshops on growth mindset, study skills and exam preparation to over 500,000 students throughout Ireland.


Introducing the Ultimate Revision System from Roisin McFeely on Vimeo.