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The Ultimate Revision System

The Ultimate Revision System™ is a complete and comprehensive framework to aid exam preparation. The system's unique interdependent components and resources make it the ideal tool for students seeking a logical, easy to follow, researched-based solution to preparing for exams.

The Ultimate Revision System consists of:

  • Big Picture Planners (x15)
  • Weekly and Holiday Planners (x 30 Weekly and x15 Holiday)
  • Syllabus Maps (x20)
  • Multi-coloured Connection Cards (x50)
  • Prep and Review Pad (x60)
  • A3 Document Folder

Also includes a comprehensive set of instructions on how to use the system.


This A4 pad is all you will need to keep your studies and revision in check on a weekly basis. Assuming that you are a student that spends the majority of your time in school or college, then this is the resource for you. This is the perfect tool to help you maximise holiday periods. Like all Amazing Brains resources the planning pads also come with full instructions on how to maximise the benefit from them.

If you really want to be organised then use the weekly planning pad throughout the academic year and not just in the lead up to exams. 


Syllabus Mapping™ is an excellent summary tool that will help you structure information and allow you to see the 'big picture' of the subject or topic. It will also enable you to understand where topics fit and link together. The pads are colour coded to help organise and compartmentalise information. Syllabus maps work best when used in conjunction with Connection Cards

Syllabus Mapping pads come with a full set of comprehensive instructions.